Natural Dog Company is seeking a full-time, remote Senior Manager, CRM, Loyalty & Retention Marketing to join the team and create an optimal user experience for our subscribers that builds habits, increases engagement, and improves retention rates. You are the strategic and executional owner of the full subscriber lifecycle, from onboarding to renewal. You have a hunger for data and a desire to understand the subscriber at each life stage. You will produce an experience that meets their needs and leads to a successful renewal. As a CRM, Loyalty & Retention Marketing Manager, you’ll work within Klaviyo, Loyalty Lion, Post Script, & Post Pilot.

We are looking for someone with strong strategic knowledge around customer engagement, who can make intentional choices and is excited to tackle new creative challenges every day. You will be focused on operational excellence and mastery and the application of our email, SMS, loyalty, direct mail, and Skio. With a passion for the digital media landscape, you understand the intricacies and unique attributes of the retention funnel and are ready to roll up your sleeves and take action.

What You'll Do:

  • Develop and execute automated lifecycle marketing journeys and one-off campaigns across our marketing channels in order to engage and retain subscribers, with a strong focus on onsite, notifications, in-app, and email marketing.
  • Design and execute tests to determine price elasticity. Build out a program, based on test results, that informs our renewal pricing program.
  • Test and improve on-site flows for subscription upgrades, and saves to maximize subscriber retention—working closely with our product team.
  • Collaborate with Product, Engineering, Analytics, and Data Science to monitor campaigns and develop reports, metrics, and analysis of marketing programs to measure ROI and program effectiveness.
  • Master our marketing tools to leverage their full capability across our site, mobile app, and emails.
  • Understand the different customer segments along the subscriber journey, tailoring strategies and meeting their needs.

What You'll Have:

  • Must reside in the United States - EST or CST time zones only.
  • 5+ years of professional experience in digital media, marketing, or eCommerce. Specific experience with subscription-based business models and/or digital marketing is preferred.
  • A strong understanding and proficiency with social and marketing platforms, specifically ESP platforms, and the ability to interpret and understand performance metrics.
  • Solid knowledge of product & performance analytics, customer life cycle management, mobile user acquisition, and digital marketing tools/techniques.
  • Proficiency in using digital analytics tools and Google to measure the impact of marketing campaigns, determine the outcomes of A/B tests, and identify performance trends.
  • Experience in email, SMS, loyalty, direct mail, and Skio.
  • Excellent communication and project management skills.
  • A can-do attitude - someone who likes to roll up their sleeves and execute just as much as developing strategy.
  • The ability to travel 2-4 times per year to company-paid events.

Application Process:

  • Step 1: APPLY
  • Applications with incomplete surveys will not be considered.